Defining a Lowcountry Style

Happy Friday!  We are expecting guests this weekend and I have been scurrying around and sprucing things up.  While doing so, the details of my home’s light fixtures, pillows, fabrics and accessories caught my attention.  I noticed a definite theme – lots of nature-inspired detail, colorful textured fabrics, pretty trim and hand wrought gilded and painted metal lighting and accessories.

I look for pieces that make a unique statement.  I have been so fortunate to find many on sale, in antique stores or consignment shops.  I decided to snap a few photos and share them with you.  This is just a glimpse.  I plan to share more in future posts.

The leaves and acorns in this rod iron piece caught my attention when I found it in an antique shop many years ago – it serves as the base of my countertop spice and olive oil rack.  I was told it was an engine block.

nature inspired-organic-spice-rack

There is a chandelier in almost every room, even the bathroom.  I am drawn to them, especially when they have unique details like the acorns (again with the acorns!) and leaves, hand wrought metal and girly, shiny crystals.  When I find a chandelier I cannot live without and the proprietor says “take in home on approval” I am doomed to own it!

wp-1471032189692.jpg nature inspired-italian made-chandelier


Palm frond detail is evident in many of my home’s accessories.  They show up in mirrors and other lamps, too.


The golden metal edging below surrounds my night table.  Again, you’ll notice the nature-inspired details.  And the bunny accented box is a long time favorite, too.



Fabric and trim are my favorite design elements.  Close friends call me “the fabric fondler”.  I will let you in on a well-kept secret.  I majored in textiles in college and my big dream was to own a specialty fabric store.  I have always had a love-affair with beautifully textured and colorful fabrics and trims.  I have far too many rolls of fabric stored away, just in case I need it.  When I need a fabric-fix I visit Sherry’s Honey Pot in Savannah, Georgia.  Sherry has the most amazing textiles and trims.  I think trim, like jewelry for an outfit, is the gilding that completes the look of pillows and bedding.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my décor style preferences and the special design details of Lowcountry style – the textures, finishes, colors, furnishings and accessories – that contribute to an elegant, luxurious and inviting home.

I am smitten with the Lowcountry style and lifestyle.  It is  an eclectic mix of a traditional and coastal aesthetic with nature-inspired design elements.  This style is so versatile.  What I like best about the Lowcountry style is that you can transform traditional furniture with the stroke of a brush.  No need to replace that traditional, dark furniture.   I’ve tried it and love the result.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at the up-close details of my Lowcountry style.


10 thoughts on “Defining a Lowcountry Style

  1. very nice Sandra. I’m thinking you are so talented; you have a gift…. and some great genes. I’m talking about great grandpa’s genes… you know the one.


    1. Stacey, thanks for stopping by! We are so fortunate to live in the Lowcountry – it is the star of the home tour! I plan to do a room by room tour, as each room gets tweaking. There are so many beautiful homes features in blog – including yours! Working on finding my style and my voice. Love that we are new buddies!


  2. Your eye for and attention to detail is very intriguing to me. I would never notice anything like that, but now that you point these things out, I really like them! Interesting about what you studied and your dream. Let’s discuss further at lunch!


    1. I just love getting and reading your messages! Thank you! As the saying goes “the devil is in the details” and so it is with décor and design – I think this is what makes homes, gardens and food so distinguishable. We have so much to talk about – see you soon!


    1. Thank you for visiting. I love your blog and design sense! Your photos are amazing and I noticed you used your iPhone. I take all of my photos with my Samsung smart phone. I am partial to ‘macro’ photos. Also, I am a California native – moved away long ago; however, I qualify for one of those “native” bumper stickers that were popular long ago. Nice to know a fellow ‘fabric fondler”!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh you definitely deserve an honorary bumper sticker! I wonder what part of CA you were from.

        Thanks for your kind words about my blog. Yes, I do use my iPhone only because its handy and always with me. I think it must be tethered to my side. I love my clunky Nikon but it is not the most convenient and not always with me.


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