Done Hibernating defines hibernating as “passing the winter in a sleeping or inactive condition”.  While this usually pertains to plants and animals it is an apt description of my blogging behavior during the past several months.  I broke one of the cardinal rules of a successful blogger  – post high quality content consistently.

This hibernation was not planned.  It came upon me one day at a time, one moment at a time.  It ended up consuming me for almost three months.  I wish I could say the time has been otherwise productive.  It has not.  At least not in ways I can right now figure out, although I do think there is a universal message or pony in this situation.

I have awakened feeling a bit groggy, sheepish and guilty.  I am working on shaking out the cobwebs and regaining my bearings.  Day by day I am more awake and aware and working to build into my blogging life the discipline that is the hallmark of success.  Please stay tuned.

Thank you for your readership!




15 thoughts on “Done Hibernating

  1. As you shake the cobwebs, I look forward to reading more. Or, maybe, even seeing a picture of the pony. ________________________________

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      1. Aw, hell…we’re just sort of making it up as we go along! But we’re happy to share our pitfalls and successes! We’re having more fun in this stage of life than we ever thought possible! Looks like you are on a similar journey!

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  2. Love the self reflection and insight, the comments, too! The important thing is to taking that first step towards what you want to do. Seems like you have accomplished that! Congrats!


  3. Not sure if you’re aware, but when you start to write again, that post becomes the spackle that covers the holes in the blog you felt were there. Your new words are the words of the hour. Re-entry is easy, then, isn’t it?

    Glad I’ve found you through the A to Z Challenge!

    Eli@CoachDaddy (#1207)


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