A Visit to the Lowcountry Rails & Trails


People who visit the Lowcountry notice many different things that make this area unique.  One is the magnificent Live Oak trees draped in Spanish moss.  Another is the vast number of waterways, creeks and marshes.   Another is the architecture.  And yet another is the smell, I mean fragrance, of pluff mud at low tide! What I noticed when we […]

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Defining a Lowcountry Style


Happy Friday!  We are expecting guests this weekend and I have been scurrying around and sprucing things up.  While doing so, the details of my home’s light fixtures, pillows, fabrics and accessories caught my attention.  I noticed a definite theme – lots of nature-inspired detail, colorful textured fabrics, pretty trim and hand wrought gilded and painted metal lighting and accessories. […]

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The Biggest Surprise Yet!


Every year or so, for the past 10 years, my husband Ed goes on an extended fishing adventure with his buddies to New Hampshire.  This excursion usually consumes as few as nine or as many as eleven days.  In the early days of these outings I was less than pleased that he would be gone […]

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A Lowcountry Boil – Deconstructed & Delicious!


The Lowcountry Boil (or by another name, Frogmore Stew) is a signature dish and favorite Lowcountry meal that is best shared with good friends.  Made of simple ingredients this “stew” marries together the fruit of the sea (shrimp), farm provisions (sausage) and vegetables (corn and potatoes).  History has it that this deliciousness originated on a St. Helena Island, a Sea Island just a few […]

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Table for two, please!


Have you noticed that holidays or special occasions tend to spark great expections? Will it be party-making or party-going? Will we be sending or receiving invitations?  Who do we want to spend time with? Whether you end up as the hostess or a guest, holiday festivities almost always revolve around food – thinking about, planning […]

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Elvis and a Simple Summer Salad


You might be wondering what Elvis might have to do with a simple summer salad? Well, generally nothing at all.  Except that after spending a fun-filled day in Savannah with friends from the Photography Club of Beaufort to view the Elvis at 21 exhibit at the Telfair Museum – Jepson Center dinner plans called for a simple summer meal. The Elvis at 21 photography […]

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Lowcountry Double Vision


Of the many special reasons to live in the Lowcountry, a sunset boat ride with friends ranks right at the top of the list! Cruising the Chechessee creek, Colleton and Okatie rivers up to the Port Royal Sound at sunset is a wonderful experience. At sunset the waters were like glass reflecting the beautiful sky. At […]

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Easy & Delicious Chopped Kale Salad


The other day, after an hour of weight training, Cyndi, my trainer offered me a large bunch of freshly picked kale.  She said she did not know quite what to do with this large, ruffly and leafy green.  I knew exactly what to do with it!  There are so many ways to prepare kale – it can be sautéed or […]

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Baby Kissing Weather!


Many years ago at the dawn of Spring when bright blue skies, billowy white clouds and warm, sunny days would appear after months and months of gray skies and snow-covered landscapes), my neighbor and friend Mark would announce the arrival of ‘baby kissing weather’.  He never offered a definition, it was more a feeling and an energy.  This […]

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Felicity Life Captured in Note Cards


I am so excited to share my new Felicity Life Note Cards with you!  I’ve wanted to do something fun and interesting with the many photos in my blog posts.  I wasn’t quite sure what that would be until I came upon a website, Artifact Uprising, and decided to turn my lovelies into note cards.  To say I am […]

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