Baby Kissing Weather!

Many years ago at the dawn of Spring when bright blue skies, billowy white clouds and warm, sunny days would appear after months and months of gray skies and snow-covered landscapes), my neighbor and friend Mark would announce the arrival of ‘baby kissing weather’.  He never offered a definition, it was more a feeling and an energy.  This pronouncement has always stayed with me.

Today in the Lowcountry, we are having a ‘baby kissing weather’ kind of day.  It is a day when everything just looks greener, fresher and more beautiful.  It is a day that invites you to be outdoors.  And so, Mr. Ed announced he was going to mow the lawn.

I am always amazed by how good everything in the gardens look when he mows the lawn!

This one simple task (simple for me because he is pushing the lawn mover!) yields such enormous visual impact.  The crispness of a newly mown lawn makes our garden beds appear well-groomed and so welcoming.  So rather than spend hours and hours tending the beds, Mr. Ed pushes the lawn mower for an hour and voila! our home looks amazing!

It started me to thinking.  What other tasks can yield such benefits?  What other tasks would have positive visual impact?

I think there are six household tasks that will have an immediate and positive impact on your surroundings and quite possibly your mood.

1.  Mow the lawn.  I’ve already waxed poetic about the benefits of this task.  And it is always better, I find, if I am not the one doing the mowing!  This is a double benefit – no effort, awesome results!

2.  Make your bed every morning.  I cannot claim credit for this advice.  This advice was given by a Navy Seal during his commencement remarks at the University of Texas.

3.  Put the dishes in the dishwasher (or wash them by hand) before going to bed at night.  I love starting the day with a fresh and clean kitchen sink and clutter free counter.  I find my mind is clearer and I enjoy that first cup of morning coffee without distraction!

4.  Swiffer (it’s a verb, right?) your floors  and furniture.  Mr. Ed and I are pet parents to two very furry Ragdoll cats and they shed, shed, shed their white fur throughout the house.  The Swiffer products (not a paid endorsement) pick up everything little thing and make my home shine!

5.  Vacuum your carpets.  A must with the kitties running around.  Get a good vacuum cleaner with strong suction.  We could not afford a Dyson, so we purchased a Shark and love, love, love it (not a paid endorsement).  It cleans so well, sometimes I am embarrassed by how much debris has been collected in the bin.

6.  Sweep the front and back porches/decks.  I get this from my grandmother.  She would sweep the concrete front porch and the dirt back yard every day.  Yes, I said dirt back yard.  It was meticulous and as I recall, it made a huge difference in how things looked – neat, tidy and cared for.

I am not an efficiency or clutter expert.  I find, though that when I eliminate the distractions of an unkempt lawn, an unmade bed, dirty dishes, dust bunnies, dust dander and crushed carpeting I am much more focused and relaxed.  I enjoy my home a bit more.  I am less concerned and stressed about the big things that still need doing.

When these tasks are complete I focus more on what’s right with my home, my gardens and myself and others than I do on what is wrong or undone. It is a bit liberating!

I digressed!  I also wanted to share with you my new finds as I toured the gardens – while Mr. Ed was pushing that mower!

I hope it is ‘baby kissing weather’ where you live!  And get to those tasks and free your spirit!




10 thoughts on “Baby Kissing Weather!

  1. HaHa! True baby kissing weather for me yesterday: my son, MARK (how ironic!), had our first grandchild:
    a 8.5 pound baby girl, Lia. I can’t wait for “baby kissing” in any kind of weather!
    I truly aspire to complete all those tasks daily and love the feeling of closure when they are done. You have captured them very well. I agree about Mr. Ed’s lawn mowing!


  2. Hi, Sandra! Your gardens are beautiful and that view!!! I would live outside if that’s what my yard looked like. (I know about the bugs, but I conveniently forget about them in times like this.) I do all six of the things you list, but I have a cordless sweeper instead of a swiffer. It recharges in about 24 hours but I don’t use it every day unless the dog is blowing out his coat. Thanks for sharing your pictures–I love seeing the lowcountry.


    1. Sharon, thank you for your nice comments. We are sooooo fortunate to have a home on the salt marsh. We love it! You have a very lovely front yard, too. The hard work that you describe in your post certainly paid off! I really like the stone borders around the garden beds. Very Texas! Did I mention that I love your style?! So many pretty rooms. Hope you enjoy San Antonio!


  3. It was baby kissing weather here, but now the heat and humidity have arrived and I will be inside more during the day.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my summer peeks post. I knew you had made a mistake when you typed that certain word and I did get a chuckle out of it. I went ahead and deleted your original comment since I had another blogger just leave a comment that was a bit negative about me questioning your comment. It was all in fun, but some don’t understand or have a sense of humor.
    Have a great day!


    1. Hey Kim, thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog has been an inspiration for me. I always enjoy your posts and your brand is unmistakable! If your time permits I would greatly appreciate any feedback about the quality of my blog. I want my brand to be clear (as yours is) and compelling.
      I completely understand about my reply and how you handled it. Sandra


    1. Hi Maria! Thanks, the rains sure have helped – everything is growing like crazy! Believe it or not, I use my Samsung S6 phone camera for all my photos. I am loving taking ‘macro’ shots and found out I can attach a lens to my phone that gets even closer! How awesome is that. Sandra


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