What is Creativity? Makers Summit Recap part 2

Sharing the creative wisdom of two successful women – worth a read and definitely worth taking action! Thank you Emily for this post!


Yesterday I shared the wonderful thoughts of Nathan Bond of Rifle Paper Co. (which you can read here), and today I am SO excited to introduce you to two of the most wonderful women I have talked with in a long, long time.  These ladies are creating such good work and are so powerfully true to their ideas and vision.  I walked away feeling so inspired by their spirit and words…  you’ll see what I mean:


Jeni started her first ice cream company many years ago.  The company failed for a variety of reasons, but that did not dissuade her from pursuing her passion (the art of flavor and quality).  She regrouped and relaunched her dream as Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream which has spread across the nation and into many hearts — and good heavens, it is splendid ice cream!!


I loved listening to Jeni talk about creativity.  While our…

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