Relocate. Reinvent. Reroot. Rebloom. Relax!

This blog is for the many who dream or are living the dream of retirement in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Sixteen years ago I was a reluctant transplant who struggled with leaving a homestead, family, career and friends – a life well lived (or so I thought it was) and a lifetime of investment – to trade it all in for a new life (literally) in one of the country’s most beautiful and historically significant regions.  The journey has been full of rich and wonderful and challenging experiences complete with culture shock, sticker shock, identity crisis and social awakening.  Mostly it has been an incredible opportunity to learn and grow and learn and grow and learn and grow.  I have learned that there are myths and there are truths about retirement. I have learned that retirement isn’t about retirement at all – retirement is about the threads of endings, transitions and new beginnings that happen continually – as certain as the Lowcountry tides – and get woven into a rich tapestry I call the Lowcountry.Felicity.Life.  I hope you will find inspiration and useful information.  And please share your thoughts and experiences!

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