A Threshold Birthday

On wings of sunlight
On wings of sunlight

I sit in an airplane flying with its nose pointed to the West.  I am traveling to Tucson, Arizona. My husband sits next to me and I am peering out the window at a wing that looks like it is being carried in the sky by the light of the sun. Life is good and I am blessed.

This weekend I am celebrating a big, threshold birthday. It comes with a new, yet uneasy status.  A rite of passage that makes it possible to define my work status.  I guess it would be considered by many a step towards a freedom to decide how I spend and invest my time and talent.

Finding Purpose

For me, it signals a responsibility to set a course that taps into my God-given talents to fulfill my purpose in life. I believe the degree of my happiness and self-worth will be in direct measure to finding, unleashing and using my truest talents for my own benefit and in service to others.  As I celebrate this birthday and the many rewards of this milestone, I give thanks for the many blessings that are being bestowed upon me. I will even give thanks for the struggles that are sure to come as I explore and breakthrough to new experiences.

Note:  I wrote and saved this post in May as I was traveling to Tucson, Arizona to visit friends and celebrate my birthday.  These were the thoughts I had about my new, free from the demands of a job, status.  It is a new reality that I will continue to explore and experience.

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