Springtime Feet

wpid-2015-04-03-17.07.48.png.pngWarm weather.  Painted toes.  Sandals.  Today I decided it was time to free my toes from their winter shoes.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that I was wearing two completely different sandals – different style, different color – one black, one brown!

I realized the mismatch while looking with a friend at shoes at a consignment store on Hilton Head Island.  When I laughed out loud she asked what was so funny.  I asked her if she had noticed my sandals.  She said “I noticed and I thought this was one of your creative expressions”!

This is not the creative experience I am seeking; however, it has made for some much appreciated humor!  To avoid a repeat performance next time I will turn on the closet light while dressing!


6 thoughts on “Springtime Feet

  1. Oh that did make me laugh! You should be proud that you are creative enough that your friends think this is a statement and not a sign of senility as it would certainly be in my case 🙂

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