sunflowers = joy

Sunflowers are among my very favorite flowers. There is nothing quite like a field of these sunny faces looking to the sun. Cut sunflowers make a beautiful addition to any home and after they are spent, hung outdoors, upside down by their stems, they make the perfect bird feeders!

amaryllis log


There are so many things to love about fall, including of course the beautiful colors.


This post is truly just an observation of the moment, not looking too far ahead or behind.


A little afternoon sketching session with my sunflowers.

I was inspired by Charlie O’Sheilds at Doodlewash. He paints everyday (as well as posts everyday) and painted a beautiful sunflower earlier in the month. As I was leaving work on Thursday the farmers market stalls were still up. It had been raining buckets all day and I figured no farmers would show up. I was wrong, these are after all, super hardy people. Among the many fresh things were these beautiful sunflowers! No time like the present to paint fall flowers!




I hope your weekend has been perfect!

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