A Floral Unfurling

I am more and more enthralled with the minute details of nature’s artistry and wanted to share an example of it with you.  I do not know the botanical (or common) name of this plant or many other plants, for that matter!  I think it might be an African Iris.  What I observe is that year after year, with little attention paid, this plant is full of delicate flowers.



Each flower ‘unfurls’ into a showy Spring presentation.  The definition of ‘unfurl’ is “to make or become spread out from a rolled or folded state, especially in order to be open to the wind”.


This is exactly what the flowers do!  Each day they unroll themselves to present their beautiful faces to the sun and literally dance upon the wind on long stems!


Unfortunately, they only last a day or two.  The goods new is that many more flowers are waiting and ready to ‘unfurl’ themselves for my enjoyment!

Isn’t nature wonderful!


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